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We shall uncover the mystery of the zone, understand the reasons behind its origins, all to finally get it destroyed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I first thought you could give them to specific characters to improve relationship with a faction. When i went to collect the moeny at cordon they were friendly. So many crucial things being fixed so close to release must mean that there are still some important matters left to be polished. The renegades are a loosely heldtogether faction of stalkers encountered in the beginning stages of s. There are plenty of bugs, but the community patch for 1. If you join a new faction, theres a better chance you can win i. Separate limited edition versions of the game were released in conjunction with the standard version. I have a very specific set of autismo skills and i will use them to get you and your brothers some fruit snacks to stave off hunger while you struggle to survive in that winter hellscape. What are the consequences of joining leaving factions. The patch on our arms shall unite us all in the fight. Built from the best works the stalker clear sky modding community has to offer, along with the personal works of members from 828 studios.

R clear sky familiar and wellknow sovietstyle game world real ingame objects, like chernobyl nuclear power plant, chernobyl2 military object designed to detect us missiles launches and others the atmosphere of mystery and permanent danger improved graphics using the dx10 technology volumetric light and fog, dynamic wet surfaces etc. The premise of the mod is to take the factional warfare aspect of stalker. Oh, well, so thats how you join freedom, why didnt i think of joining freedom would be like joining the bandits, oh btw agroprom is a dangerous place as you know and i only have a modified tr301 with a sliencer and scope, hunting rifle, sliencered kora919 the demended reward pistol from yoga, and 20 meds and a seva suit with full radiation upgrade stuff, i dont think i can take on a. Unfortunately, you cannot join factions in the vanilla version of stalker. If you want to find out more on how to win battles for each fraction, check the description for the swamps area. The story doesnt offer much of a foundation for the action, either. This mod was created with the propose of faction war zone wich every faction want to conquer camps with the option to player join \leave a faction, an improved ai, bring clear sky faction from s. If you are ready to keep your mouth shut and break your way through to the center along with the other comrades, you may become one of us.

The world of clear sky is a home to six main fractions duty, freedom, stalkers, military, bandits and renegades. For example, if you initially joined the bandits, you can leave and join freedom. R shadow of chernobyl on clear sky faction mod are. Clear sky, its prerelease hype machine boasted improved lighting, a more powerful xray the games graphics engine and a worldwide faction system that allowed you to start wars between the games inhabitants. If you already joined a faction and no squads are sent out, dont hold your breath. Make no mistake, we would love to see even more, but this change alone puts it in another league when compared to the original and all other openworld fps titles that are not fallout 4 or stalker mods. Im with the duty faction so that means everyone else, apart from clear sky, is an enemy, and therefore everybody attacks me. Factions are stalker clansorganizations operating within the zone. With scars help, the clear sky faction pushes the renegades out of the swamp, and starts to theorize a solution to the rash of emissions scarring the zone.

Factions play a large role in a stalker s life, as the zone is an unforgiving wasteland, where the death of an ordinary stalker is amounts to little more than a. The faction fights seem too easy, which is balanced out by the ridiculously accurate grenade throws. Some versions can only be installed on a limited number of machines 5. For example, give freedom patches to duty or duty patches to freedom. R clear sky game fixes, nocd game fixes, nocd patches, nocd files, pc game fixes to enable you to play your pc games without the cd in the drive. Small discription this mod was created with the propose of faction war zone wich every faction want to conquer camps with the option to player join \leave a faction, an improved ai, bring clear sky faction from s. R clear sky is a firstperson shooter, survival horror video game with. Clear sky could have been great game if it didnt suffered from large amount of bugs and other things that will annoy player. However, there are a few mods that allow you to do so.

It seems that most of the fighting is through 1 faction vs 1 faction battles in different maps i. Factions play a large role in a stalkers life, as the zone is an unforgiving wasteland, where the death of an ordinary stalker is amounts to little more than a. Overall, clear sky is a reasonable showing in terms of storytelling. You can join stalkers, bandits, duty or freedom, thats your choices, but be careful as joining the wrong one makes forvery different outcomes, rewards and. For some reason the stalker started shooting at me. This update was built to solve two problems switching multiplayer game to gsc server and enforcing vertical synchronization for rendering engines. You can switch factions that are still neutral or friendly to you after you join a faction. We are happy to make this special offer to the collectors nine patches at the price of eight. I just completed stalker soc with the 2009 complete mod, it was a fantastic game, i have already played stalker cop. Stalker series any point in joining faction in clear sky. You and your squad try to take over a nearbly stalker base and with loosing half of your team you success driving the enemy out of here, leaving their things behind so you have a. It is after the final boss fight at the nuclear power plant postnpp. The local faction in the swamp, clear sky, take him back to their leader, lebedev.

Of course, with a few patches the game would be at around 8. Upgrading your gear, looking for artifacts, joining factions. Eventually, lebedev and beanpolev conclude that a group of stalkers penetrated the center of the zone, and the emissions are the zones reaction, attempting to kill anyone who had been there. The factions can have both allies who may share their ideals and enemies who oppose them. Clear sky, excepted the main storyline and side quests which remain unchanged. All faction mechanics have their flash drives and can upgrade to the toptier. Browse other questions tagged stalkerclearsky or ask your own. You should know that the power of each fraction changes in realtime. It had a really nasty end of development and lots wasnt included, in the beta no one was addressing our concerns they just kept telling us we were doing a. What faction would be better to join after youre done with clear sky, loners or bandits, then when you complete their story, duty or freedom. Should the player join freedom, bandits and mercenaries may become neutral, while, conversely, duty and scientists become hostile. I bought stalker clear sky last night becausse i love the stalker games, i.

Nevertheless, while clear sky may get even better with some patches and fan modifications much like shadow of chernobyl did, its still a. Atleast new game and current game stalkersloners faction version. No, you dont have to ever join a faction, and youre always friendly and helping clear sky, but you cant join them. Visualsreworked offers realistic eye adaption, new bloom effects, realistic ambient occlusion with sweet depth of field and much more. Join us to accomplish this intellectual deed together.

The swamp mapthe swamp map is huge and home to clear sky faction and faction wars seem like a good idea,i enjoyed those but the makers havent added that much you will end up fighting around cordon,garbage,dark valley and agroprom again all thats added is a different faction dynamic freedom in garbage and dark valley duty in agroprom stalkers. Not the best faction in the zone but still, the patch. Call of chernobyl, showing you how to quickly progress and get good gear. Each faction has their own ideals and goals, as detailed in the links below. About two years and an half were needed to make this mod possible.

Clear sky only fighting renegades, duty only fighting freedom, so i would not have a clear sky versus duty battle going on in a vanilla game. Join one of the six avaible factions and make it the true ruler in this god forsaken place. This patch will update gsc game worlds atmospheric survival fps to version 1. It modifies and improves greatly every aspect of stalker. Managing your equipment is a very important issue, especially since you wont collect experience points nor advance to higher levels. But i will find you and get you out of that giant hamster wheel. The faction war patch 3 feb 18 2017 patch 17 comments. I tried clearing the bandit base as stalker again, cleaned it, no one came, place respawned. Quick set up guide for the clear sky faction in stalker. Scar wakes up with nothing but a headache, but his nervous system is damaged and he has strange new powers. The real shame of it all is that the game was let out the door with so many bugs, some that merely slowed igns progress and dampened their enjoyment, and one that actually stopped them cold. But joining one or more factions makes a longer and more involved game.

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