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The manual which name begins with instruction sheet is a simplified manual supplied. If you login signup, you can download the pdf of the manual. Coupling excluding connector models, servo mounting bracket, instruction manual. Accepts 330rpm input for compatibility with a variety of automatic units for operation timing control. An inrush current of approximately 8 a will flow for approximately 0. H8ps cam positionermanual omron industrial automation. Omron cqm1hcpu51 cqm1habb21 h8ps8a reference manual omron cqm1hcpu51 e6c3ag5c e6c3ag5b omron c200h omron. H8ps h8ps 5 adapter for parallel operation y92c30 this adapter enables two h8ps cam positioners to share a signal from an encoder.

H8ps 8a h8ps 8ap h8ps 8af h8ps 8afp h8ps 16a h8ps 16ap h8ps 16af h8ps 16afp h8ps 32a h8ps 32ap h8ps 32af h8ps 32afp rated voltage 24 vdc cam precision 0. Cad download h8ps 8a cam positioner, flush mounting, 8 outputs 2d 3d h8ps 8af cam positioner, surface mounting, 8 outputs 2d 3d h8ps 8afp cam positioner, surface mounting, 8 outputs, pnp transistor output 2d 3d h8ps 8ap. H8ps cam positionerfeatures omron industrial automation. Connection example h8ps cam positioner connection, order separately e6fag5cc h8ps 8a h8ps 8ap h8ps 8af h8ps 8afp h8ps 16a h8ps 16ap h8ps 16af h8ps 16afp h8ps 32a h8ps 32ap h8ps 32af h8ps 32afp no. This encoder works in combination with the h8ps cam posi tioner to detect the operation timing of. Item list of h8ps about this product family inquiry of this product related contents. H8ps cam positionerlineup omron industrial automation. H8ps features a highly visible display with backlit negative transmissive lcd. The encoder input resolution can be 256, 360, or 720. The h8ps provides highspeed operation at 1,600 rmin and highprecision settings to 0. H8ps cam positionercad omron industrial automation. H8ps cam positioner this compact cam positioner, popular for its easeofuse, now comes with even better functions. Cam positioner h8ps ordering information description part number nema 4 protective cover, clear plastic with steel mounting plate y92a96n protective cover, clear hard plastic y92a96b shaft coupler for e6cp encoder.

When connecting to the h8ps, use the e6cpag5cc, which is. Advance angle compensation function compensates for output delays. H8ps 8b, h8ps 8bp, h8ps 8bf, h8ps 8bfp, h8ps 16b, h8ps 16bp, h8ps 16bf, h8ps 16bfp, h8ps 32b, h8ps 32bp, h8ps 32bf, h8ps 32bfp. Please note some product models not sold in indonesia may be included in the following manuals for our global customers. Esfe h 4 ps and h 8 ps approaches against the number of cpu cores. If you perform parallel operation, do not combine different types of h8ps cam positioners. Cam positioner h8ps 1 cam positioner h8ps please read and understand this catalog before purchasing the products. H8ps cam positionercatalog omron industrial automation.

You cannot use the previous and new cam positioners together with a y92c30 parallel input adapter for parallel operation. With easytoreplace relays, ex pandable with one xwt unit. Encoder omron e6fa cable bipolar junction transistor scribd. Merkblatt 8a kurzarbeitergeld bd blickpunkt dienstleistung. Enhanced solvation force extrapolation for speeding up molecular. Programs can be uploaded or downloaded easily by connecting a personal computer. Refer to warranty and application considerations page 32, and safety precautions pages 17 and 18. Please consult your omron representative if you have any questions or comments. Connection to h8ps connection to an absolute encoder y92c30 use the cable marked when connecting only one h8ps cam positioner to the adapter y92f91 mounting base din rail track for pfp100n or pfp50n accessories.

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