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I actually think that shanks would propably win as well, but not with great ease. Many fans of the series believe that the final battle for the mythic one piece will occur between luffy and shanks, and it really does seem like. Latest databook confirms that shanks became a yonko more than years ago, which means that shanks was a yonko when they used to have duel. Picture book strategy of a central intelligence agency like cp0 is supposed to be. He used to be a rival of dracule hawk eyes mihawk before he lost his arm. That is it from todays post on mihawk vs shanks and who among them is stronger. But mihawk cant be stronger because of the plot reasons. Just because mihawk is the best in swordsmanship it doesnt mean he will oneshot everyone like he did with zoro in the past. Also im pretty sure that mihawk became a schibukai to not get hunted by the world government. He used to be the rival of shanks, who is one of the yonkou. A battle that was basically foreshadowed at marineford is the one between those two crews. Plus mihawk stopped sparring with shanks due to lost arm. Youd need all five and somehow have gura teach and wb exising at the sametime shanks vs mihawk big mom vs sengoku kong vs white beard garp vs kaido. Top 10 strongest yonko commanders one piece fanpage.

The government allows the seven warlords to raid the seas in. The one piece manga and anime series features an extensive cast of characters created by eiichiro oda. Lying a little way away from them were mihawks boots, shanks sandles, both of their weapons, and mihawks hat. Shanks sucked in a breath, his eyes widening in alarm. One piece is a classic shonen manga which uses shonen formula of the big world and dramatic fights. Spoiler one piece chapter 979 spoilers discussion page. Therefore, we can conclude that shanks is a pirate who mainly uses a sword to fight. If you think about it, it was only zoro, mihawk, and perona on kuraigana island. It means that if mihawk fought any other swordsman to the death he would come on top in the end. The one piece manga and anime series features an extensive cast of characters created by.

Shanks m leopold longshanks, aka shanks, is a mystery writer of moderate success. Of course we all have seen how absurdly powerful shank s haki is, however most should know when if there is going to be a fight of that caliber kings haki doesnt matter, since it seems to me the main point of kings haki to knock out the common enemies and leave the elite. Eiichiro oda, the manga artist of one piece, is an excellent storyteller who has brought the series to its fame. Why do people think akainu is stronger than whitebeard. Akainu fought equally against whitebeard during their clashes. You either win and receive the title or you lose and lose the title. Shanks is more an intensional effort to create a protagonist whose humble home town is not ravaged by weekly murders, but faced with the sort of mysteries and crimes that would actually occur there. He actually needs to show his own feats to claim win over other top tiers. I think it will be position against postion, meaning captain vs. He possesses tremendous strength and endurance, having fought equally with the mink tribe, primarily its two rulers inuarashi and nekomamushi, for five days and five nights without taking a break. Could go either way but ill go with mihawk as he holds the title of strongest swordsman in the world and has never been touched throughout the series fourth hokage vs. The series takes place in a fictional universe where vast numbers of pirates, soldiers, revolutionaries, and other adventurers fight each other, using various superhuman and supernatural abilities.

Brook himself stated that ryuma wasnt even serious during their duel. They have all developed a deep bond with each other and it is fair to say that luffy values no one more than his straw hat crew members, seeing them less as his crew and more as. Growing up wild in the south, numerous travel essays, and a guide to offthepath places in the carolinas bob shanks is a softspoken. Mihawk may be able to beat most one piece characters in a fight, but even the strongest people cant win against everyone. Shanks is a yonko and a yonko is stronger than a shichibukai. Ace should still be going to join whitebeard, forget it, will just go and take a look. Having failed to reach ace before he was transferred to marineford, luffy and the. Call it, he said, flicking the coin up into the air. Mihawk, wont want to win against shanks like that, this may stain the memory of the legendary duels they had in the new world. Mihawk visited shanks to tell him about luffys bounty, mihawk however refused to fight him because of the loss of his arm. Does this mean his status as a yonko and mihawks status as a shichibukai makes.

They also dont have a superior portrayal than shanks like mihawk does. Donquixote doflamingo, boa hancock, jimbei, gecko moria, marshall d. But the marines have brought their own heavy hitters. The only answer is big mom and kaido, considering almost nothing of mihawk and shanks has been shown. If say shanks was wss along with a yonko then you could say yeah obviously since he is a swordsman too. Whos stronger shanks or mihawk page 2 one piece forum. People are huge fans of akainu and neglect the mangas and animes context of th. The majority of the characters are human, but the cast also includes giants, mermen and mermaids.

One piece is the highest selling manga of all time. One piece is filled with skilled fighters, including shanks. Although mihawk stands before him, luffy knows he has no time to. Win for so many reasons, and zoro gets a heroic sword. Thus, the battle of mihawk vs shanks will be won by shanks. Paintings by nelson shanks paperback january 1, 1996 by nelson shanks author visit amazons nelson shanks page. The season is adapted from the first twelve volumes of the manga by eiichiro oda and aired on fuji television from october 20, 1999 through march 14, 2001, totalling 61 episodes. Post a scan proving that shanks is not a swordsman, i can post a montain of canon that he is. It would make sense for them to fire up a war where they can only win from their point of view.

I think that when shanks was dueling mihawk he was using his sword techniques exclusively, being able to match mihawk with just that. Having failed to reach ace in time, luffy manages to successfully break out of impel down to follow him to marineford where ace awaits execution. The engaging book will appeal not only to dedicated anglers, but also to nonfishing lovers of the outdoors for whom a fly rod is just a skinny hiking stick. However, mihawk is the greatest swordsman in the world so in a sword fight, mihawk would win. Shanks, however, was still fully dressed by comparison. Oi mihawk, he called softly, pulling a coin out of a pocket. Whos stronger shanks or mihawk it could very well be shanks was the former greatest swordsman and its a shame for any swordsman including mihawk if they duel onearmed shanks and lost, therefore no one challenges shanks and he also became yonkou. The developer gave me the admin menu and you wont believe what it does roblox duration. One might think that mihawk is really undefeatable, but that. Luffy is the series main protagonist, a young pirate who wishes to succeed gol.

The first time wed seen a grand scale fight, it was amazing. Mihawk used to have duel with shanks before he lost his arm. Come on, we dont really have much time to waste but. A pretime skip zoro defeated brooks shadow in ryumas body, whos also stronger than the real brook. Well mihawk is the greatest swordsman in the world, here we have only swordsmen, basic they are probably inferior to mihawk, shank and mihawk are rivals. His own style was refined through countless battles which led him to the peak of swordsmanship. The first season depicts the exploits of the pirate captain monkey d. Big mom pirates vs marineford vs battles wiki fandom. Duffy is as meaningless as everyone else with the current estimates of the admirals. Zoros main goal is to become the worlds greatest swordsman and for that to happen zoro needs to surpassdefeat mihawk. I think that shanks has a lot stronger haki than mihawk and if he uses it he can beat him without much problem. In the war of the best we saw 10 members of the red hair pirates and 11 of blackberads crew. Mihawk has the epithet of hawk eyes, due to his incredible vision. Top 10 strongest one piece characters one piece amino.

Rob lucci vs luffy bis jetzt bester kampf im manga. As a result, this would make dragon a wind man and possibly a. Discussion one piece power level discussion thread. Mihawk, after all, didnt wear a shirt under his coat. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Now, shanks looked at mihawks closed off expression and wondered what hed stopped himself from saying. Shanks for the memories, an one piece fanfic fanfiction. However i think in a normal fight where they can use all of their abilities, it would be a draw. Shanks grumbled about to take a step further in before the world suddenly twisted. Jack the drought is one of kaidos three righthand men known as the disasters, and the captain of the mammoth. Shanks vs mihawk who would win in a fight one piece youtube. There are some characters who cant beat him and others who would win against him easily. The seven warlords of the sea inhabit wild regions, and unlicensed pirates are easy targets for their marauding.

Likewise, aces captain, whitebeard and an entire army of pirates arrive to wage war to get ace back. Back in the day the two very well could have been even rivals. Originally from ottawa, canada, robert studied systems design engineering at the university of waterloo. The straw hats are a very infamous and powerful pirate crew led by the captain, monkey d. The reason for mihawks power is because of his countless fights against swordsmen.

Franky brook jinbei gol d roger stampede wano one piece kaido fan art one piece fond ecran one. Mihawk vs shanks has always been a huge debate topic and today i give my perspective and try to navigate through this gauntlet. Mihawks full power remains to be seen, however, he is easily above the level of luffy. Who will battle shanks, luffy, the captain, or zoro, the. Given his role in the series when he becomes the wss he will be seen much more than mihawk overall. Shanks is a swordsman and we already know for a fact that mihawk is the worlds number 1 swordsman. Shanks would be getting himself undressed, as well as mihawks trousers off, without the use of his only remaining hand. The straw hats are made up of people who have dominated luffys adult life and were all recruited personally by luffy. There is a possible hint that oda has given us when shankss crew was revealed. Roberts interest in finance began with conversations he held with one of his surfing. The first season of the one piece anime series was produced by toei animation, and directed by kounosuke uda. Mihawks best feat is the casual slice of an ice mountain kilometers. Heads, mihawk answered, though he had no idea what shanks was up to.

I think shanks and mihawk are actually on the same power level. He lost to whitebeard because whitebeard sneaked up on him. Whitebeard was talking about shanks vs mihawk as a almost old. Based on what we have seen from him throughout the series presumably not willing to fight shanks because shanks only has one arm, mihawk values honorable battles, so it is likely that he and zoro trained oneonone together in such a way where zoro did not need. Shanks vs mihawk and shanks path to becoming a yonkou. Every single time we have seen him prepare to fight, he draws his sword. He is currently residing in sunny california, working as an engineer. Who would win, mihawk vs shanks vs rayleigh vs issho. After all, shanks and makino have known each other for years and. Shanks is a swordsman, he attack the strongest man in the world with a sword, he always has his sowrd, he fought with mihawk many times, you must be a great swordsman to fight with mihawk many times. Pixiv id 80673 need to fix source manga anime, manga one. Considering mihawk fought with shanks several times, it is pretty obvious that he has amazing haki. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below.

Clashing with vista and shanks in short fights and there being no victor only implies that they are all at the same tier. Mihawk was never the strongest swordsman in the world until he stopped dueling. Note that mihawk is an individual who is known for holding back. One piece has been running for more than 20 years and the characters and universe it has given birth to are immensity detailed and.

Luffy will have to let shanks and zorro fight and just hope that they agree not to. The first 6month contest has officially come to a close, and congratulations are in order for robert shanks, winner of contest 8. I am not going to do mental gymnastics to do some weird scaling based on such a shaky title. Shanks vs mihawk and shanks path to becoming a yonkou theory. Furthermore, fighting with shanks, anywhere outside their duels, not on their own terms may be abhorrent to hawk eyes.

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